Nike Airlines


Playing off of the "Nike Air" tagline, the question came to me," If Nike had an actual airline, what would that look like?"

I did extensive research on the history of the Nike brand, which I learned gives multiple nods to aviation references. (ie: The Nike AF1 [Air Force One] sneaker, City of Flight, Jordan VI Flight Nostalgia, etc.

To start, I broke the project up into multiple components: Graphic Design (Signage), Ui/Ux, Branded Apparel and 3D modeling. From there, I brought to life what I think Nike would look like if they had an actual airline. 



The signage includes all of the cities Nike flies in and out of. I borrowed the color codes from each cities' NBA team along with a black and white photo to help paint the picture of their next destination. (ie: LAX's poster is in Laker purple and gold, SEA in Sonics green and gold, etc)


To push Nike's innovation agenda, I created a check-in boarding pass Apple Watch experience. Which, I was shocked to find out doesn't already exist. 


Nike already specializes in athleisure (athletic-leisure), so why not have a line dedicated to flying in style and comfort?

Not only do I want people to automatically know which plane belongs to Nike, I want them to remember it. Which is why I coated the top of the plane in a bright, volt green and based it with deep, matte black. Also, I borrowed the reflective technology seen in the apparel above and recycled it for the base of the plane. This way, when a Nike plane is making a landing, it will light up the runway -- making every flight a show stopper.