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Illustration: Sergio Glenes

We live in an oversharing world where false publishing has become the norm and social validation is craved. I wanted to craft a social media campaign that builds awareness around people who broadcast their wealth, success and other personal details–for likes, comments and re-shares. 


By spreading awareness, I want to encourage people to stop and think before sharing themselves online. Hopefully, people will recognize how routine and unrealistic our timelines have become and will try to help minimize the stream of fluffed content for the better.

In case you didn't know

In a survey of 2000 people, over 75% Americans admitted to lying on social media.

Naked Security

In case you didn't know

In a survey of 2000+ people, 93% of Americans suspect that others have posted edited photos on websites. Of this group, 82% said they've shared a photo online, with 64% of that group admitting to editing their online pics.

NBC News

"If you want to feed the homeless, then feed the homeless. But the moment you post it on social media, you’re also feeding your ego.”

Mums At The Table

In case you didn't know

Facebook has been linked to 66% of divorces in the U.S.

IOSR Journal


People are relating to and spreading the message! Here's a glimpse of the activity happening on Facebook.

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