Elevated Athletics Branding


Elevated Athletics, a sports recruiting agency, needed a brand identity that spoke to their mission of "Elevating athletes to reach the height of their potential–and then going higher."

The objective was to go against the grain of a traditional agency branding and create an identify that focused on EA's growth, acceleration and hospitality.


My research started by gathering items that traditionally speak for words like: elevation, direction, hospitality, etc.


From there, I started sketching different ideas. My goal was to create an icon that was a hybrid of my findings, while aligning to the brand's story of "elevating athletes to their potential." It was noted that the client did not want the logo to be a cliché (sport equipment, a field goal, etc), which challenged me to think outside of the box.


It was imperative to me to present variations of logos that each told a smiliar story, while visually differing in personality–giving my client diversity in selection.


Color discovery

My research found that majority of my client's competition lies within the warm side of the color spectrum. With this, opens an entire channel of real estate within the cool side of the spectrum, making my client stand out with ease.

Color palette

Choosing the cool side of the color spectrum was simple (thanks to the competition for making it easy). From there, I found colors that compliment one another and symbolize EA's brand pillars.

Navy - Trusting, responsible, loyal.

Green - Growth, acceleration, success.

Light violet - Hospitality, individuality, calming.

Cool grey - Stability, mature.

Sticking out

EA's logo proudly stands out when rubbing shoulders with competitors.


I chose Renner Book as the primary because of it's stable and trustworthy appearance. This font, I believe will carry EA's tone well, while keeping the brand clean and simple.


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