Zibby Web Design


Zibby, a B2B2C payment service for the non-prime, needed a website redesign with lead-gen opportunities that aligned with the brand's friendly and intelligent personality.


  • Zibby's current website is locally hosted, making updates and changes difficult to achieve as tech resources have to be implemented.

  • There are no opportunities for perspective merchants to move forward with a Zibby integration.

  • Customers need a space to find a merchant to shop with online or in-store.

  • Design and branding are both out of date.


  • Re-design the website in Wordpress, allowing the Marketing Department to manage and design without relying on tech resources.

  • Design the Merchant's experience to mimic our sales pitch and create avenues for lead-gen opportunities. (Schedule a demo, I want to add Zibby to my website, etc)

  • Build a store locator that broadcasts our merchants and allows customers to choose a place to spend their spending limit.

  • Update the design that better aligns with Zibby's brand.


  • www.zibby.com now lives in Wordpress, making design changes and updates very simple.

  • The user experience of (www.zibby.com/merchants) now mirrors our sales pitch to potential merchants. Also, we utilized Hubspot forms to create led-gen opportunities to gather data and track leads for our sales team.

  • Customers now have a reference hub when finding a merchant to shop with. www.zibby.com/storelocator organizes in-store and online retailers by zip code and/or industry. 

  • www.zibby.com now appropriately reflects Zibby in a professional, minimal and friendly way.

Before and after

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